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Damped load cells

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240 load cell

Load cell type 240 is a fluid damped load cells specifically designed to be used where fast acquisition of a stable load signal is paramount. It is available in stainless steel or painted steel and is used in the following applications: multi-head filling machines, check weighing, grading machines, liquid filling and dynamic weighing

1410 load cell

The damped load cell type 1410 is the first and only load cell designed for use in rotary filling machines.

1430 load cell

Tedea-Huntleigh model 1430 is a damped load cell uniquely designed to reduce weighing errors resulting from dynamic forces occurring on rotary liquid filling machines. The sealed stainless steel construction provides safe operation in applications subjected to caustic or heavy wash down environments.

9010 load cell

Tedea-Huntleigh model 9010 is a self-contained weighing module for use in repeated shock-loading applications or where fast weighing and settling times are required such as multihead weighers, check weighers and other static and dynamic weighing applications characterized by sudden or impact loading.